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DOT E-bike Service in Gurgaon

22 March 2016

DOT's E-bike service is the only green solution available to commuters who need last and first mile connectivity in Gurgaon.

First and Last Mile connectivity is a major problem in Delhi NCR and add it to the alarming pollution statistics. DOT is not just a bike taxi service, there’s more to this innovative service. Launched in August 2015, the DOT e-bike service has been catering to customer calls through a number and enabling people to book rides in advance. It works exactly like a cab service, minus the exorbitant fare one has to pay to a cab service. The service can be booked at a minimum introductory fare of Rs.20 for the first 2 kms. The fare charged after the first 2 kms is Rs.5/Km, a highly competitive and affordable rate. What makes DOT Ebikes different from the rest who are in this space is the fact that it is 100% green, a non polluting service that reduces air pollution and noise pollution.

By going with DOT, people in Delhi NCR can do their bit to save the environment. Electric mobility is the need of the hour to tackle the environmental issues we face today. ‘First and Last Mile Connectivity’ from bus stands and metro stations is a problem that needed to be addressed. DOT’s mission is to solve this problem and go the extra mile to provide people with a service that makes commuting convenient and cost-effective. The real heroes behind making this start-up a success are the DOT Riders, which includes women riders as well. They are thoroughly trained to inculcate the same values that define DOT. This is a start-up that aims to make its mark on the world by starting from a dot and then connecting all the dots to form a picture of a greener and cleaner world.

The initial concept was to enable people to reach their destination on time, but over the last few months, DOT has evolved and turned into something bigger and better. It’s revolutionary and futuristic, and with businesses and passengers expressing interest in this unique green mobility solution, DOT’s future looks optimistic. DOT at is a start-up launched by a firm believer in pro-environment business solutions, Mr.Vineet J. Mehra. The organization is focused on “reducing carbon footprints across the country” through its innovative solution framework which focuses on a PPP model: delivering People, Packages and Promises (this is a promise to do better for the environment).

Vineet addresses two aspects through DOT: the need for reliable, consistent, comfortable, efficient and cost effective transport options, especially for last mile connectivity, and the need for efficiency in reaching the desired destination safely, within a prescribed, reasonable time frame. In a city especially like Delhi/NCR, the high number of vehicles present often leads to long traffic snarls which can often make this difficult. The newly introduced e-bikes are the perfect antidote for both challenges. Combined with transport solutions which are easier on the environment and work to reduce carbon emissions, Vineet has ensured that his transport solutions are both smart and efficient alternate solutions which help to make urban cities healthier places to live in. The added focus on ethics and standards of service are ensured by end to end processes within DOT which focus on necessary background checks for selected drivers for e-bikes, along with necessary training, and regular checks, with added security measures like GPS devices installed in the e-bikes.