Posted by Team DOT

Solutions for a Better India

26 April 2016

The need for reliable, consistent, comfortable, efficient and cost effective transport options for last mile connectivity and the need for efficiency in reaching the desired destination safely, within a prescribed, reasonable time frame is a problem area that DOT addresses. In a city especially like Delhi/NCR, the high number of vehicles present often leads to long traffic snarls which can often make this difficult. The newly introduced e-bikes are the perfect antidote for both challenges. Combined with transport solutions which are easier on the environment and work to reduce carbon emissions, Vineet has ensured that DOT’s transport solutions are both smart and efficient alternate solutions which help to make the city a healthier place to live in. The added focus on ethics and standards of service are ensured by end to end processes within DOT which focus on necessary background checks for selected drivers for e-bikes, along with necessary training, and regular checks, with added security measures like GPS devices installed in the e-bikes.