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Green Bike Taxi Service by DOT

26 March 2016

Go with DOT for a Greener Gurgaon! DOT's bike taxi service is like no other service out there. It works like a cab and charges you less than an auto rickshaw. Passengers can reach their destination in Gurgaon within minutes by beating traffic and commuting without increasing their carbon footprint.

“Going green” is the buzz word and DOT ebikes are just the green solution everyone has been looking for. With increasingly alarming levels of pollution caused by carbon emissions, largely a result of traditional fuel two wheelers, goods carriers and four wheelers, companies and individuals are fast becoming sensitive to the needs of reducing their contribution to pollutants in the environment in their daily tasks. In doing so, they are keen to find and implement creative alternatives to necessities such as transportation to ensure productivity and that the constant demands of their daily lives are not compromised.

In their pilot city, Delhi/NCR, DOT through its ebikes is working to aid in filling the gap of last mile connectivity, a challenge that constantly causes its citizens to hesitate when considering a switch to public transportation for their commuting needs. It is not only the lack of reliable options in last mile connectivity transportation that is a hurdle, but also the lack of safety in options available and often their unheard of costs which are not comparable to the mode of transportation being offered. Due to busy lifestyles and long daily schedules, times during which alternate forms of public transport in last mile connectivity options are available are also a concern. For instance, for an employee working late, getting to Delhi from Gurgaon may be difficult late at night. For a woman employee, this may prove to be even more difficult. For citizens of Delhi/NCR, improved last mile connectivity commute options is the need of the hour. In their current avatar, DOT, in addition to aiding individuals with meeting their transportation needs, is also working to assist companies in including eco-friendly logistical solutions in their delivery framework, by delivering packages, as needed by them. This reduces the transportation cost of standard delivery services and the pollution associated with most of them, given that most deliveries are handled using either two wheelers or private goods vehicles, both of which have been found to be significant contributors to deadly pollution levels that exist in Delhi today.

The pricing model for these is also cost effective when compared to other delivery services models available at present. Demanding work schedules and lifestyle changes have led to an increased need of mobility to travel from point to point within urban cities. Compounded with the increasing number of vehicles and associated increased time to travel from point to point within urban cities like Delhi/NCR, alternate forms of shared transport have become a must. The traditional public transport options such as taxis and auto rickshaws are being re-looked at to reduce the number of vehicles and congestion that is a result of them. Recent introductions of shared taxis and auto rickshaws have been slowly growing. It is an added advantage that these new and alternate transport solutions be environment friendly.

Due to recent data on air pollution levels present in Delhi/NCR, which has defined the air in Delhi one of the deadliest in the world, there is now government focus, both state and central on working toward reducing the pollution levels. Since it is a known fact that these pollution levels are largely a result of vehicles in the city, there is focus to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and improve transport solutions, while keeping in mind the need for solutions that are safer for the environment. DOT is a green mobility solutions provider that aims to provide last mile connectivity and transport solutions which are not only environment friendly, but also cost effective and convenient. With added focus in urban cities, such as Delhi, on alternative and smart transportation solutions to enable individuals to get from point to point safely and without hassles, keeping in mind the necessity to reduce intoxicating pollution levels, DOT is a welcome solution.