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DOT Launches E-Rickshaws at Red Fort

11 May 2016

Green Startup DOT launched electric rickshaws at the Red Fort and this milestone aims at reducing pollution levels and improving commuting for visitors flocking to the Red Fort.

Another milestone for Green Startup DOT

DOT has been constantly outdoing its performance month on month and this is clearly evident from its launch of electric rickshaws at the Red Fort. For a Startup, this is a dream come true moment of sorts. 

Vineet J. Mehra, Founder of DOT inaugurated the launch of Electric Richshaws and said DOT is focused on strategically making an impact on the environment through its various initiatives.

Commuters can contribute by opting to ride these erickshaws instead of petrol or diesel vehicles which emit carbon and pollute the air. PM2.5 levels in Delhi have reached new heights and there's much to be done to reduce pollution. The air we breathe is toxic and numerous respiratory diseases have been the cause of deaths every year. Electric Vehicles launched by DOT aim to solve last mile connectivity problems, promote skill development of the youth, reduce carbon footprint, combat air and noise pollution.