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why us?

With the current statistics on the poor air quality in Delhi, rating Delhi as the most polluted in the world, and the potential consequences thereof, this is a real-life problem faced by each one of us that cannot be ignored or avoided. The additional focus on individuals and companies alike doing their bit to contribute to make the environment better makes it important to make choices that are wiser and easier on the air we breathe.

We understand that commuters and companies alike would wholeheartedly like to contribute to improving environment conditions and reducing poor air quality. Often, logistical challenges such as limitations in reliable, safe and cost effective first and last mile transportation makes doing this difficult, despite an earnest intent. We intend to help individuals and corporates do this in a hassle free manner. With our first endeavor of ready to use e-bikes, we offer the means to reduce carbon footprint, at low cost and with little or no preparation required. Booking our services is a snap either over the phone or using our mobile application, and payments can be made as easily.

Commuters also understand the need for alternative modes of travel and transportation with the rapid increase in the number of vehicles on the road, but are stumped with the lack of alternate transportation that is reliable, cost effective and safe. Our e-bikes offer commuters this at the click of a button or through one quick phone call. They only need to provide a few details including their exact location for our riders to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Since our e-bikes use alternate energy sources, our commuters and corporate that tie up with us for their deliveries do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and also improve their arrival times as well as delivery times, since our e-bikes are 2 wheelers instead of 3 or 4 wheelers which take longer to commute through the daily traffic snarls most witness in the city on any given day.

It is a distressingly known fact that traffic congestion has grown insurmountably in the city and surrounding areas of Noida and Gurgaon. This traffic clogging often leads hours on the road and unimaginable delays. Our e-bikes, which are 2 wheelers, offer a solution that allows ease of navigation that is difficult for 3 and 4 wheeler modes of transportation.

We at DOT, have ensured that safety is paramount in our service offering of our e-bikes. For every ride, we ensure that the convenience of appropriate and necessary safety equipment is provided to our commuters. We have also implemented a rigourous and comprehensive quality assessment mechanism for each of our selected e-bike riders to ensure the additional safety of our commuters during their rides with us.

Join us in working to make the Capital a better place to live. Our e-bikes are available from the HUDA City Center Metro Station. You may contact us at 70297 70297 or download our mobile application to make a booking and join us in our quest to help make Delhi/NCR a cleaner place to live.